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December 4, 2007 / kiranpatils

Keyboard Problems In Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

HI All,

Today i have installed Microsft Virtual PC 2007. which is nice.

But in login screen i got stuck because when i have pressed CTRL+ALT+DELETE it shows my Windows XP os’s [Host OS] Task manager [What is this].

After sometime i got the entry. you have to press right ALT(means the ALT Key which is right side of your spacebar) and Delete means ALT+DELETE. that’s it I got the entry in it. But you are thinking why this stupid ALT+DELETE only i want esc+DELETE can i do that? yes you can..just go to Microsoft Virtual PC Console and from File->Options->keyboard and go to current host key textbox and press new key..magic this is now your Current Host key instead of Right ALT.

This is not end of keyboard problems other also When i am going to logging in my username was ABC#. but when i click shift+# it becomes epsilon in username textbox for login….as my habit i have searched in MS-VPC 2007’s documentation but it doesn’t have solution..than i gone to my other habit which is googling that also failed….At last my colleague found it’s solution actually the Regional settings are for English(U.K.) that’s why # sign .so solution is that if you want to type # in UK Regional Keyboard settings Type just press “|” key which is before your backspace key..that’s It…cool na??



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  1. Nimesh Chavda / Dec 4 2007 8:15 am

    Good job man
    Keep it up dude.
    Thanks for this kind of information and keep giving such informations.


  2. JER0EN R0LAND / Apr 26 2009 4:06 pm

    I have same problem, buy new microsoft keyboard Natural Ergonomic. I have same problem with IBM Rapid Access keyboard!This is solution for this problem, Your can use the Mouse!Press swits for fullscreen to windows “Alt Crtl”, Click with mouse arrow to [Action] menu, click on [Crtl+Alt+del] button, this function do work if keyboard not function!

  3. DINESH DHAKAD / May 6 2010 4:43 pm

    how to use apsilan sign in my keyboard

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