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September 22, 2008 / kiranpatils

How to open RadWindow from another RadWindow.


You have parent Window A and from it you have opened Modal Window[Child window] B..which is quite simple using radopen method…

But now you want to open Window C as a Modal Window [Child window]from Window B…using RADWINDOW Control. Sounds interesting na?? Let’s see how to achieve it?


For your simplicity I have created one function which will do this for you and function is self you can gauge  what it is doing..

Here is the JS Function for it

//This function will act as a common function

//for opening up a RadEditor window

//PageToOpen = Retlative path of page of page which you want to open

//windowToOpen=name of RadWindow which you want to open it nothing pass NULL

function ShowModalFromModalWindow(PageToOpen,windowToOpen)


//Get the Applicationpath

var rootURL='<%=Request.ApplicationPath%>’

//manipulate URL

var CompleteURL = rootURL+PageToOpen;

//Get window manager

var aWindowManager = GetRadWindow().GetWindowManager();

var oradPopupWindow =  aWindowManager.Open(CompleteURL,windowToOpen);

oradPopupWindow.Show(); //To Open Popup in Modal

//For opening a child window under the child window as a modal and active window





//Set Size Width,Height



return false;


Use of it.

<asp:Button ID=”btnChildOpen” runat=”server” Text=”Open” onClientClick=”return ShowModalFromModalWindow(‘’,’myradWindow’);”

That’s it!!!


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