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May 31, 2010 / kiranpatils

Would like to set Session Timeout?


Before so many months back i have been assigned for a task where we need to set a session timeout for our whole application. Some enthu guys will tell it is 2 mins. job just go in web.config and do the configuration and it’s done. But let me tell you it’s not that much easy :(. Because there are two things which affects on session timeout Forms Authentication Timeout and Session Timeout

Forms Authentication Timeout Configuration

 <authentication mode="Forms">
 <forms timeout="50000000"/>

Session Timeout Configuration

      <sessionState mode="InProc"


Unfortunately at tha time i haven’t written blog on it[I’m sorry for that]. But Here is the link where someone else did that already[Thanks to him!]:!E149A8B1E1C25B14!210.entry


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