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February 14, 2008 / kiranpatils

Running your ASP.NET website/WSSF Service with VS 2005 Development server using Manual Port

When I develop a Website using VS 2005 and run it than it runs under Development server given by VS which is called “Cassini”. But I have noted that it gets new port e some time when I run a site….why is it so???? And so many of my colleagues also has asked me the same issue….Finally I figured out why it happens and what its solution. Looks Eager to know…..let me reveal it..


If your website runs on different port each time do a build and run???

Your WSSF Service starts each time on different port?????

Than I have its solution.


  1. I guess you have Website ready [how stupid I am you are facing port problem and I am asking site is ready!!!!]
  2. Open Solution Explorer [CTRL+W,S].
  3. click on Website as shown below [just do a click on ManualPortWebsite]


 4.Press F4. [While having Website name selected]. It will bring up a Properties window.


  1. For giving Static Menu
    1. Do Use Dynamic Ports = False
    2. Port number = <Any number> for example 1234
  2. So, now Properties window looks like this:


  1. That’s it now run your website and check that every time you will have a url like this: http://localhost:1234/MyWebsite

For WSSF Peoples who wants to run their service using Static Port:

Do the same step as shown above except in step 3. Select your Host [which has all .svc files and right click on it “Expose service” recipe comes] project and Press F4

Happy Website Development!!!

Kiran Patil






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